Rules and Regulations

1. All students must be present in the school premises at 08. 50 am

2. Class hours between 09:10 am to 01:15 pm

3. Parents are requested to see that their ward is regular ,punctual in attendance and send to school in time and taken back home as soon as school gets over.

4.  Occasional reports or information from the teachers will be sent  through diary. Parents are requested to check the diary everyday. Children must bring the school diary everyday to school.

5.  Please always send the tiffin with your child. Avoid junk food, try to give fresh and healthy home made food with the kids as regular as possible.

6.  There are vacations during Summer, Puja and Winter.

7.  Students must return to school after holiday on the appointed day and be present on the closing day of each term.

8.  It is requested to deposit application in advance for any long absence from the school. If a student is absent for a month without informing and obtaining the permission from the Principal/Centre Coordinator his/her name will be struck off from the school register. The usual entrance fees will be charged fees will be charged if he or she is readmitted.

9.  Children will be dropped to school by parents / guardian and collected on specific time. In case some pupil does avail the van for the purpose, the responsibility rests entirely on the parents.

10.  Every student is expected to take part in the school programs and activities.

11.  Notice of withdrawal of a pupil must be given in writing one calender month in advance.

12.  Fees are to be paid within 15th day of the current month failing which a late fine of Rs.30/- (thirty) will be charged.

13. No T.C will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid.

14.  No school uniform for the play group children. Other students must wear their proper school uniform. They should come neatly and properly dressed. No Jewellery/Ornaments is allowod in the school.

15.  Any damage to the school property will be repaired / replace at the expense of the parents / guardians of the students who is responsible for the damage.

16.  PTIF - Parents / Guadians are requested to attend the Parent Teacher Interaction Forum  (Meeting).

17. Please notify the school office for any change of address or telephone numbers.

18. Your suggestions / complaints are welcome. Any suggestion / complain should be made in writing  to the principal.

General Rules of Conduct & Discipline for the Students

1. Every student must have at least two pair of school uniform and should come to school wearing neat uniform on all school days.

2. Students must reach the school at least five minutes before the warning bell of the Morning Assembly. Late comers are liable to

    be sent home at the parent's own  risk.

3. Students will not be allowed to leave the school before time except on obtaining prior permission of the Officiating Principal.

4. All correspondence with the school must bear the students full name, class, section.

5. Speaking in English in the school premises is mandatory.

6. Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted in the school.

7. Girls with long hair should tie red rubber-band, and red clips, girls with short hair can use red hair bands.

8. No jewellery gold or fancy ornaments are allowed in the school.

9. Students should bring their own tiffin from home.

10. The school expects its students to be well behaved disciplined.


1.  Identity Card will be issued from the school. The identity Card provided to the student must be kept by the students during school hours.

2. This Identity Card must be kept with the owner, it should not be handed over to the others. If it is lost the school authority must be informed immediately and a new Identity Card has to be collected as per rules.

3. Parents without ESCORT CARD will not be allowed to take their ward, no identity card will be allowed on receive.


1. Parents are welcome to pay the fees in yearly/half yearly/quarterly or only monthly instalments.

2. All fees are to be paid strictly in advance by the 15th of every months or else a fine of Rs.30/- will be charged.

3. Parents/Guardians are advised and requested to make sure that all school-fees are cleared before the publication of result of each term. Failing which their wards will not be allowed to take the report cards.

4. Parents have the option of making the payment in cash/by A /c. payee/Banker's Cheque in favour of "Jingle Bell English School" payable at Maida.

5. Two month fees must be paid before the Summer, Puja Vacation and Annual Examination.